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Non-Stop Music: Producer Series – Edge of the World (New Album – “Trailermade 3: Exotica”)

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Track from New album by Non-Stop Music – Producer Series

Song: Edge Of The World
Company: Non-Stop Music Producer Series
Album: NSPS106: Trailermade 3: Exotica
Composer: Jeff Broadbent (ASCAP) 100%
Genre: Emotional Epic Drama Action
Year: 2011

Orchestral – Rock – Trailer. Pensive and cinematic is the atmosphere – alive with rhythmic, delayed, guitar harmonics, ambient swells and light percussion. Choir and pulsating strings add majestic liveliness. POI @ 1:26 the energy is fully realized as deep orchestral percussion, victorious brass and soaring choir and strings ascend to the apex and return to the dust. 110 bpm.

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