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Thematic Launches a Pro Tier, Offering Exclusive Benefits and Advanced Tools for Full-Time Creators

CULVER CITY, Calif., June 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Thematic has launched its Pro tier, providing a host of exclusive benefits, advanced tools, and unparalleled resources for full-time creators, including early access to songs, team management features, and clearance for unlimited creator projects.

By introducing the Pro tier, Thematic now offers a dynamic and comprehensive platform specifically tailored to cater to the aspirations of creators at any stage of their careers.

Thematic’s Early Access feature grants Pro users exclusive access to all new music drops seven days before the rest of the creator community. This feature transforms content creation and music discovery, shaping the future of creative collaborations and innovative storytelling.

The Pro tier also offers creators the ability to access instrumental versions of their favorite songs, team management features, and music clearance for unlimited creator projects across YouTube, social media, and podcasts. Previously servicing creators posting content solely on YouTube and Instagram, this expansion to support all creator platforms will unlock endless possibilities for creators to reach and engage with their audiences across all channels.

Thematic has also introduced royalty-free sound effects and curated SFX packs featuring the most relevant sound effects used by creators to perfectly complement the themes and moods of their content. Sound effects are available to creators on all subscriptions in Thematic.

Early this year, Thematic debuted Community Review, a creator-first model for democratizing music discovery. Community Review is a dynamic and interactive rating system that empowers content creators to participate in determining what music becomes available on the site. Through this process, the music artists gain access to predictive analytics, valuable feedback, and reviews from the community to help them gauge the quality and relevance of their music.

Thematic is committed to continuously expanding its service to ensure that creators have the necessary tools and support to take their craft to the next level and achieve their professional goals. Thematic’s mission is to provide creators with the freedom and flexibility to enhance their content with the perfect songs and distribute them worry-free, wherever they’re shared.

Thematic, a collaborative music discovery and licensing company, empowers creators to source and trade assets on-demand. Their two-sided platform matches creators with licensed music from their favorite artists in exchange for promoting their songs. Since launching in 2018, Thematic’s platform has grown into a global community of over 700,000 creators.

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