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Tune.FM and Jam Galaxy Form Strategic Partnership to Produce Seamless Music Creation on Tune.FM’s Groundbreaking Music Streaming Platform and NFT Marketplace

NEW YORK, June 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Jam Galaxy, a web3 music studio and collaborative audio protocol, and Tune.FM, a groundbreaking decentralized music streaming platform and unique music NFT marketplace, today announced a strategic partnership to combine efforts to provide Galaxy web3 creators and jammers with collaboration tools for song creation, artist monetization and the creation of super fan experiences on the Tune.FM platform. 

At the heart of Jam Galaxy’s model is a commitment to transforming the music industry through advanced technologies that empower both artists and fans. The Jam Galaxy platform provides avenues for real-time collaboration with extremely low latency through DePIN infrastructure while providing access to advanced AI music production tools for seamless creation music creation, real-time co-production, song collaboration and fan engagement.

Tune.FM is transforming artist compensation and monetization, positioning itself as a major, transformational startup technology company. By seamlessly integrating Hedera Hashgraph blockchain technology, with features including elaborate multimedia NFTs, exclusive super fan experiences and streaming royalty payments, Tune.FM is reshaping the music industry landscape.

When the Music Gets Played, The Artist Gets Paid

Breaking away from the traditional subscription-based and ad-supported models of mainstream streaming services today, Tune.FM is creating a more sustainable ecosystem through decentralization and tokenization (JAM), allowing artists to be compensated significantly and more fairly. In fact, Tune.FM compensates artists by up to 100X compared to other streaming platforms. In addition, artists can sell music, release exclusive NFT drops and multimedia elements directly to fans, and can take advantage of exclusive, immersive super fan experiences including merch bundles, meet and greets, VIP events, backstage passes, FaceTime opportunities with artists, and more. Offering a pay-as-you-go model, Tune.FM gives users the ability to choose what they listen to and pay for only what they consume, and to get compensated for listening to promoted music streams, representing a seismic shift in the music fan experience.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Tune.FM,” said Jam Galaxy co-founder and CEO Patrik Gudev. “Tune.FM’s pioneering approach to music streaming and NFTs aligns perfectly with our mission to empower artists and enhance their creative journeys. This partnership will provide our users with unparalleled opportunities to monetize their music and engage with their fans in innovative ways.”

“This is a perfect combination of our joint goals of empowering and giving control back to artists and helping unlock the value of music,” said Tune.FM Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Antar. “By joining forces with Tune.FM, Jam Galaxy’s web3 creators and jammers gain access to our cutting-edge platform for monetizing their music. Tune.FM’s decentralized streaming service and music NFT marketplace allow our artists to earn JAM tokens, promote their songs to new listeners, and create collectible music NFTs. Fans can directly support our artists, earn rewards and enjoy unique experiences.”

If you are an artist and would like to join us on this journey, check out For more about Jam Galaxy, go to For more about Tune.FM, go to

About Tune.FM
Tune.FM is a web3 decentralized music streaming platform with an integrated music NFT marketplace, which enables artists to monetize their fan base directly through streaming royalty micropayments and digital music collectibles with exclusive unlockable experiences, powered by the JAM token built on Hedera Hashgraph. The company was cofounded by lifelong musicians and brothers Andrew Antar and Brian Antar, who attended Brown University and the University of Pennsylvania, respectively. Andrew, a classically-trained violinist, won concerto competitions, toured the world with several orchestras, joined several bands, taught himself to code, founded the first startup accelerator and incubator fund at Brown University, and built large enterprise applications for clients like Bank of America, EY, and Comcast where he was awarded a blockchain patent. Brian, also a classically trained violinist, was the concertmaster for the Philadelphia Young Artists Orchestra, produced music with local artists at Penn Studios, earned his Master’s degree in creative writing at Penn, and ran a successful e-commerce and 3PL fulfillment business generating millions in sales.

About Jam Galaxy
Jam Galaxy is not merely a platform; it is a comprehensive ecosystem and DePIN protocol that leverages cutting-edge AI, low latency audio streaming, and blockchain technology to address the music industry’s most pressing challenges. It’s solution offers unprecedented opportunities for real-time collaboration across the globe, breaking down geographical and economic barriers that have traditionally hindered artist connectivity and creativity. By integrating advanced AI-driven music tools with a blockchain-based monetization system, Jam Galaxy redefines the creative process. Artists can now enjoy seamless collaboration, enhanced by AI that augments and streamlines music production. Simultaneously, their blockchain framework ensures transparent and fair compensation, empowering artists like never before. Developed by a team of visionary entrepreneurs, a spin-off of SingularityNET, Jam Galaxy is a melting pot for all music lovers—hobbyists, professionals, fans, and industry insiders.

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