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Two Icons of Culture Collide in Times Square

Event Celebrates Newly Formed Seoul & New York City Sisterhood

NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The heart of New York City, Times Square, was filled with excitement in celebration this week as Seoul and New York City officially inaugurated their newfound sisterhood, unveiling Seoul City’s captivating new visual identity, “Seoul My Soul.” This landmark event symbolized a joint commitment to the growth and development of these two urban powerhouses and embodied a shared vision of interconnected cities shaping the urban landscape of tomorrow.

The celebration saw Times Square transformed into an artistic canvas bringing together the energy of Seoul’s most exciting B-Boy Crew, The Gamblerz, and the undeniable rhythm of K-Pop. This exchange embodied the bond between these sister cities, showcasing their shared connection of rich cultural heritage and creative inspiration.

The event’s highlight was an appearance by Seoul City’s newly elected Mayor, Mr. Oh Se-hoon who was in town for the UN Summit. Although NYC Mayor Eric Adams couldn’t attend in person, his spirit of collaboration resonated throughout the event, underscoring the unity between these two iconic cities.

“Seoul My Soul,” Seoul City’s new brand slogan, was officially unveiled to the international market during the event. Mayor Oh Se-hoon introduced it with pride, marking the culmination of a yearlong selection process that engaged the city’s residents and global community. Over 850,000 people contributed to the creation of this slogan, highlighting the collective effort to shape Seoul’s global image.

During his 20+ year political career, Mayor Oh Se-hoon has always described Seoul as a raw, untouched diamond. Through his devoted leadership, Oh Se-hoon has made it his mission to ensure Seoul is seen as a prosperous, resilient, and global leading city. The new campaign showcases all of Seoul’s potential and attractiveness to the world. The new slogan, “Seoul My Soul,” represents the city’s initiative to showcase its unique identity to global citizens.

The new brand slogan, with its heart symbolizing ‘love,’ exclamation mark denoting ‘inspiration,’ and smile symbolizing ‘fun,’ reflects the affection, inspiration, and fun that Seoul offers to its residents and visitors.

This event successfully cemented the bond between Seoul and New York City and stands as a unique celebration of culture, creativity, and collaboration that will be etched in the memories of both cities for years to come.


Located in the western part of the central region of the Korean Peninsula, Seoul, the capital city of the Republic of Korea, has been the center of the country throughout its long history from the prehistoric era to the present day.

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