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UIBI Sparks New Life in Outdoor Power Supply and Entertainment with SoundPower 1200

 UIBI SoundPower 1200 is a portable battery with a speaker system embedded

SHENZHEN, China, April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Music enthusiasts and backyard performers can now entertain friends and guests while charging their instruments and other devices thanks to the SoundPower 1200. Developed by UIBI, an innovative voice in the portable power industry, the UIBI SoundPower 1200 provides ample electrical output for any party, camping trip, or outdoor gathering. UIBI will launch the first-of-its-kind technology at the end of April on Indiegogo, and early adopters will have further incentives beyond the battery/sound system’s great functionality to buy it.

UIBI is a cutting-edge outdoor and portable power supply brand that has already entered the market through the earlier release of its portable power station BankPower 700. Now, with the SoundPower 1200, the company engages a broader customer base and extends its footprint into the consumer electronics industry for entertainment appliances as well as power supply. The SoundPower 1200 is a portable battery with a speaker system embedded. The speaker system, featuring a custom-tuning sound, delivers 100 watts of pure power and stunning sound quality, creating the most realistic sound experience possible with vibrant treble, balanced mids, and deeper bass.

The SoundPower 1200 is a combination of breakthrough design and convenience. With an inverted tube design, a 6-inch ultrathin subwoofer, and two 2-inch 15W full-range speakers, it can get any song stuck in the audience’s heads. Likewise, the audio dynamic control technology facilitates user interface. Bluetooth compatible, the SoundPower 1200 easily supports solo or multi-singer karaoke parties with microphone linking as well as audio players on a phone or other device. Musicians can even plug in their musical instrument for backyard barbecue and fireside performances.

Not just a speaker system, the SoundPower 1200 also provides a massive amount of battery energy. With 1120 Wh capacity, it makes powering living spaces and appliances fast and simple. Outdoor enthusiasts can generate enough power for an entire campsite or as backup power for their homes with the 1200W output available, and the SoundPower 1200’s versatility allows for charging up to 9 appliances or devices at the same time. Its portable design means that campers or musicians with gigs in other locations can easily fit it into the trunk of their car, and the fast and solar-friendly charging capability means it only takes 1.5 hours to get the battery to full power, thanks to the bi-directional inverter technology. 

“At UIBI, our slogan is ‘Spark the Life’. As such, we’ve brought to the market the SoundPower 1200, with its clever combination of battery power supply and sound science to spark life in any outdoor activity. We’re excited about the prospect of entering another part of the consumer battery market, and this new offering through Indiegogo will help the company establish itself as a brand name connected to fun, quality, and safety,” said Bobe LI, Head of Product Development at UIBI. With that in mind, UIBI made it a point to ensure the SoundPower 1200 is a safe power supply option. It utilizes LiFePO4 Grade-A cells that are fire-resistant and maintain an extended battery life well beyond the standards of other portable power supply options, giving users peace of mind.

Whether they’re a musician, a performer, or someone looking for a safe, environmentally friendly option for outdoor power supply, users can go to the UIBI Indiegogo page to learn more about the SoundPower 1200. Super Ealy Bird buyers will get 45% off.

About UIBI

A dynamic, professional, and aesthetically simple consumer electronics brand that has always embraced the concept of constant breakthroughs and innovation to create artisanal products for users worldwide, UIBI is a pioneer of the sound-and-power concept, which combines sound and power to create an industry-exclusive product category. The brand has expanded its product lineup from traditional digital 3C products to new energy outdoor power solutions over the past three years, independently developing the BankPower 700 and the SoundPower 1200.


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