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HelloPrenup & the Knot Promote Prenups in ‘Get the Prenup’

The Knot, a leading wedding publication, featured the premier prenuptial agreement platform, HelloPrenup, to propose the importance of prenups when entering into marriage.

The informative series, "Get the Prenup," written by Deputy Editor, Esther Lee, in The Knot Magazine Summer 2023 Inspiration Issue, with designed illustrations by Abby McCartin, gets on one knee about the benefits of prenuptial agreements and how at minimum, a prenup can encourage communication before entering marriage.

Prenuptial agreements by nature are designed to be a wealth planning tool and act as a key resource for getting on the same page financially as their partner. 

"While each marriage differs, a solid prenup unifies couples in at least one respect: It encourages communication as you prepare for marriage…With contractual services available online, there's little reason not to discuss your financial solution with your partner. Trust us: Sign the prenup before the marriage license." - Esther Lee, Deputy Editor, The Knot

Though prenups have traditionally been seen as "taboo" or "unromantic," there's an increasing shift in prenup perceptions among millennials and Gen-Zers and how the benefits mitigate potential risks encountered prior to getting into a legally binding contract. 

"Our data found that 46% of couples describe prenups as 'smart,' while another 20 percent perceived these contracts to be 'cynical," says Lee.

Featured within the article is Julia Rodgers, the Chief Prenup Officer and CEO of HelloPrenup—the online prenuptial agreement platform for affordable, timely, and collaborative prenups. Traditionally, the prenuptial agreement process was sought through billable attorney hours, lengthy contract negotiations, and relatively adversarial conversations between partners and their counsel. Within the article, she gives examples of how states view money as a married couple and what to consider when discussing the couple's future.

"Without a prenuptial agreement, in most states, monetary gifts received during the marriage will be considered marital property. A prenup allows couples to decide if they would like these monetary gifts to be considered separate property." — Julia Rodgers, CEO & co-founder, HelloPrenup

HelloPrenup's mission is to get every couple the legal protection they need without spending thousands of hours or dollars on prioritizing their financial future before entering one of the most exciting times of their lives.

HelloPrenup has been featured on Shark TankCNN BusinessForbesThe Boston GlobeGeekWire, and The New Yorker, among others. Want more information on Julia or HelloPrenup? Contact [email protected] or visit to learn more.

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