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Inexpensive Destination Wedding Locations That Don’t Break the Bank

Credello: The concept of the destination wedding is appealing to some people. There's nothing better than going somewhere exotic and saying your vows in a romantic setting while your friends and family watch and applaud. 

This dream wedding can get expensive quickly, though. Some guests might not be overjoyed by having to travel to a pricey destination to see you proclaim your undying love for your fiance. 

We've created a destination wedding planning guide that features some less expensive spots where you can tie the knot. These locales are romantic but not as expensive as many others.  

1. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is easily accessible from the U.S. It's less than 2,000 miles away, and you can fly there in under six hours. That's slightly less time than it takes to fly from one end of the country to the other.

Puerto Rico is also gorgeous. You have white sand beaches and crystal-clear water. You can get married on the beach behind one of the luxury hotels. 

After the ceremony, you can dance and have an open bar on the beach. The more adventurous can go kayaking in lakes where there are naturally phosphorescent plants that glow in the moonlight.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica emerges as another top option. You can fly from the U.S. and touch down in San 

Jose, Costa Rica's capital, in less than five hours.

There is a currency exchange rate there that's favorable to the U.S. dollar so that you can stretch your wedding budget further. You can use the rainforest or a gushing waterfall as the backdrop when you say your vows. 

After you're married, you can have all kinds of adventures if you're feeling up to it, from horseback riding to ziplining. The thrill seekers can enjoy these diversions while the rest of the party can hang back at the hotel, swimming in the pool or soaking up some sun.

3. Cancun

Cancun has a reputation as a party city, and there is that element of it. However, there are also cultural experiences that you'll likely enjoy either before or after the marriage ceremony. You can visit the underwater museum or travel by bus to see the incredible Mayan ruins nearby.

You can also make sure everyone gets rooms at an all-inclusive resort. These are ideal because you know how much you'll pay not just for the rooms but also for snacks, meals, and sometimes alcohol as well. 

Cancun also welcomes honeymooners and wedding parties with exclusive deals. Visit the websites of some of the prominent hotels to learn more. 

Any of These Would Work Great

If you're set on having a destination wedding, you can take pity on the wallets of your guests by booking accommodations at a reasonable locale. You might like Cancun for the Mayan ruins, underwater museum, and many beautiful beaches. It's not a long flight, and most hotels and resorts have all-inclusive packages ideally set up for wedding parties.

You might go with Costa Rica instead. That's less than a five-hour flight from the U.S., and the U.S. dollar has a favorable exchange rate. You can try ziplining or horseback riding after saying your vows. 

You can also go to Puerto Rico. It's not much further away than Costa Rica, and there are many possible wedding venues that you might rent. You can go with the traditional beach wedding, but you might also pick the rainforest as a backdrop, or you might even go with a convent or castle. You can shop in Old San Juan and dine at some amazing restaurants.

You'll be a hero when you invite your guests to an affordable, scenic spot for your destination wedding. You don't have to fly halfway around the globe to find somewhere suitable and memorable. 

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