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TOMMISMART Launches Revolutionary Video Creation Tool for Pet Owners and Content Creators

The world's first HD AI camera for cute pet short videos. Perfect for creating viral online pet videos. Filming + editing + sharing = a Pickfun camera

TOMMISMART TECHNOLOGY LTD. has recently launched the world's first high-definition, self-made camera for cute pet short videos. This intelligent product, Pickfun, is a camera designed to create internet-famous, cute pets. Having a Pickfun camera means pet owners get an exclusive photographer and a professional editor for free, allowing the pet owners to capture every cute and interesting moment of the owner's pet and turn them into the next internet sensation. Learn more:

TOMMISMART believes that pets are important family members for their owners and they don't want to miss the lovely moments with their pets. However, filming short videos of pets is not an easy task. The appearance of Pickfun solves this problem. It is a high-definition, self-made camera that captures every unique moment of your pet. Pickfun can automatically edit the filmed footage into short videos and add dynamic subtitles, music, special effects, etc., allowing the customer to easily create professional pet short videos.

One of the unique features of Pickfun is it integrates AI video creation into a pet camera. With dual lens and AI, the camera can recognize the pet and track the movement of the pet automatically; pet owners can easily capture all of their pet's best moments from two different angles and never miss a moment. Plus, the real-time monitoring and two-way talk features allow pet owners to stay connected with their pets no matter where they are.

But Pickfun is more than just a pet camera. With automatic filming and short video creation features, content creators can easily create engaging and funny videos to share with their followers. And the "pet square" in the Pickfun App (released on both Google Play and Apple App Store) connects pet owners where they can share videos created by Pickfun and get inspired by other pet owners' creations.

Pickfun was developed by TOMMISMART TECHNOLOGY  LTD., which has many years of experience in the field of computer vision. The company's core team has been studying facial recognition technology for many years and has rich experience in research and development of computer vision algorithms, product development, and customer service.

"The birth of Pickfun stems from our love for pets and our persistence in innovation," said the CEO of Pickfun, Luo Bin. "We hope to help pet owners better record and share their pet's life, making pets become cute and popular stars on social media. We believe that Pickfun will become the favorite of pet owners worldwide."

Currently, Pickfun is available for early-bird sales, and the Pickfun team is expecting customers' feedback. Learn more:

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