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Veterinarians Moonlight as Bartenders for a Cause

VRCCO veterinarians serve beer at Ponch’s Place for “Meet the Vet” nights

The veterinarians at the Veterinary Referral Center of Central Oregon have received advanced training in a range of different specialties, however, one particular subject may come as a surprise. A group of veterinarians recently completed a course to receive their Oregon alcohol servers permit in order to tend bar at Ponch’s Place, VRCCO’s beer and food truck pavilion. 

You may be wondering why this hospital or these veterinarians have a desire to serve beer. You can find the answer straight from the company’s core values: personalized experience, beyond expectations, one team, compassion and education. Interestingly, their participation at Ponch’s Place connects to each one of these values. 

Ponch’s Place and VRCCO plan to hold "meet the vet" nights: Doctor Rounds at Ponch's Place throughout the year to benefit their Care Fund. Proceeds of the beer poured will go toward providing medical services to Central Oregon’s pets that are in need of financial support. VRCCO started this fund from a place of compassion. Using their one team mentality, their staff is determined to help this initiative succeed. The more awareness and support they can achieve, the more animals will benefit from their work.

Ponch’s Place provides VRCCO the opportunity to educate the public about their philanthropic efforts. Additionally, "meet the vet" nights will offer educational opportunities and a chance for pet parents to ask questions about the hospital and the services their organization provides. 

VRCCO understands that the relationship between a parent and a veterinarian is often made through stressful experiences with their pets. Ponch’s Place gives VRCCO the ability to create these experiences that hopefully exceed expectations, eliminate stress, and allow pet parents to enjoy some time (over a beer) with their veterinarian.

Ponch’s Place was also created as a space for their team and the community to gather and connect. Doctor Rounds at Ponch's Place is a way to strengthen this connection and provide more personalized experiences with VRCCO. The Veterinary Referral Center feels fortunate to have the ability to create these unique events that will foster the relationships they hope to build in Central Oregon. 

VRCCO hopes that you will come out to “meet the vet” for the next Doctor Rounds at Ponch's Place on Thursday, July 18, 2024, from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. during trivia night with QuizHead Games.

The Veterinary Referral Center of Central Oregon offers the most advanced emergency and specialty care options to members of the Central Oregon community and beyond. The VRCCO Care Fund uses 100% of its funds to provide financial assistance to pet parents facing financial hardship in their community. The funds raised will provide medical services to the neglected, abused and financially constrained animals with otherwise good prognoses that find their way into the VRCCO Emergency and Specialty Hospital. To learn more about this initiative, to donate or attend VRCCO’s annual gala, please visit:

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