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Banijay UK buys ‘Peaky Blinders’ production outfit Caryn Mandabach Productions

Source: Caryn Mandabach Productions

‘Peaky Blinders’

Banijay UK has bought Caryn Mandabach Productions (CMP), the TV production company with credits including Peaky Blinders.  Following the transaction, CMP’s slate of projects and its programming catalogue transfers to Banijay UK, with the group managing future series, spin-offs and brand ventures connected to that IP, which encompasses the recently announced Netflix Peaky Blinders film. CMP’s creative director Jamie Glazebrook will remain in post as part of the consolidation, with the company operating under the name Garrison Drama.  Banijay Rights will continue to distribute and exploit existing and new programmes produced by Garrison Drama. Announcing the deal, Banijay UK chief Patrick Holland teased a resurrection of the show noting Knight “has plans for future chapters of the Peaky Blinders universe”. US producer Caryn Mandabach, who will serve as a producer on the Peaky feature, pivots to a first-look development and producer deal with Banijay under her newly formed label Conduit Productions.  A version of this story first appeared on Screen’s sister site, Broadcast. 
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