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Cattleya teams with ‘Gomorrah’ writers to launch film and TV outfit Dedalus

Cattleya, the Italian film and TV outfit company backed by ITV Studios, has teamed with writers Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli to launch a new outfit called Dedalus.

Cattleya has previously worked with Fasoli and Ravagli on series such as Gomorrah, ZeroZeroZero, The Immortal and Django.

Dedalus, which will develop and produce films and television series, is working on Francesca Comencini’s feature Everything We Ever Wanted, billed as a a story of love and friendship within the Neapolitan mob, set during two different time periods.

Comencini’s credits include 2012 Venice competition title A Special Day as well as Gomorrah and Django.

It is also develping a true crime drama television series called Erba.

The launch of Dedalus comes just weeks after the departure of Marco Chimenz, the co-CEO of Cattleya, who is joining French group Federation Studios as co-managing director.

Riccardo Tozzi, founder of Cattleya, says: “Over the years we have formed a special bond with Leonardo and Maddalena, based on a unique way of working together which actively involves them at every stage of our shared projects. That’s why starting a new company together is the natural continuation of this journey that has resulted in the creation of new and original ways to tell stories.”

Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli add: “Our long-time collaboration with Cattleya and the great adventures we have shared have allowed us to be thoroughly involved in our projects, starting with the writing process and continuing throughout shooting. This has quite organically led to a new vehicle for our shared storytelling and through which we aim to set off in new directions, with the same fun and passion that have distinguished all that we have done together.”

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