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Registration Opens for Deaf Culture Forum, January 24, 2020

CHICAGO – The American Library Association (ALA), Association of Specialized, Government and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASGCLA), and Friends of Libraries for Deaf Action (FOLDA) will host a Deaf Culture Forum in Philadelphia PA on Friday January 24, 2020 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The half-day Deaf Culture Forum at the 2020 ALA Midwinter Meeting will feature presentations and conversations. Interpreters and captioning will allow all to contribute to the program. The Forum aims to encourage connections and collaboration between the individuals from the library community and the deaf community. Attendees from the library community will represent libraries of all types that provide services with and for individuals with various levels of hearing. Attendees from the deaf community will represent schools and organizations providing services and advocacy for the deaf as well as advocates for the deaf. The Forum will identify common concerns and priorities and encourage collaboration for action.

The half day program, which includes lunch, will feature presenters to introduce topics including history and awareness of deaf culture, deaf education, libraries and deaf communities, and organizations and government agencies for the deaf. Forum participants will listen, learn, and discuss issues that impact future library services for deaf individuals from diverse backgrounds. Everyone will have an opportunity to participate in discussions after presentations. The Forum will identify common concerns and priorities to encourage collaboration for action. 

The planning team for the Deaf Culture Forum includes Carrie Banks, ASGCLA President-Elect, Alice Hagemeyer, of FOLDA, Alec McFarlane, of National Literary Society for the Deaf, Inc., and Jeannette Smithee, ASGCLA Interim Executive Director.

There is no charge to attend the Deaf Culture Forum. The Forum is scheduled for January 24, 2020, prior to the Midwinter Meeting of the American Library Association (ALA). Participation is open to library staff and non-library / non-ALA members. Seats are limited. Pre-registration is required. Participants will need to complete this form to register for the Deaf Culture Forum. General registration will be open November 1, 2019 – December 6, 2019 or until registration is full. Program details will be announced via emails, and on the page. For additional information contact Jeannette Smithee, [email protected].

The Association of Specialized, Government and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASGCLA) is a division of the American Library Association. ASGCLA is the premier destination for members to find information and build capacity to serve populations that are served by state library agencies, federal libraries, armed forces libraries, specialized libraries, library cooperatives, library networks and library consultants among others. ASGCLA focuses on providing a voice and advocating for libraries serving populations that are underserved such as those with sensory, physical, health or behavioral conditions, those who are incarcerated or detained and more. Member activity is centered around our interest groups.

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