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Harbin Summer Music Concert of China Attracts Music Lovers from All Over the World

HARBIN, China, Sept. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In the northern border of China, there is a “city of music” – Harbin. In the early days, with the influx of foreign immigrants, Western music culture also entered Harbin, and the fusion of eastern and western cultures has created the character of Harbin people’s love of music. In 1961, the first Harbin Summer Music Concert of China opened. To this day, the Harbin Summer Music Concert of China has been deeply integrated into the bloodline of Harbin, becoming China’s longest-running and most frequent national-level music and art event, and has also become Harbin’s cultural business card. This year’s Harbin Summer Music Concert of China has attracted foreign vloggers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Georgia and other countries to join the music event.

During the 36th Harbin Summer Music Concert of China, a visiting activity of “Travel of China · Foreign Bloggers’ Summer Journey to Harbin” was held in Harbin. Foreign Vloggers such as “Living in China“, “Shaun-Gibson”, “Rafa Goes Around!”, “China Matters“, “Karyna”, “TAMO”, “Smith Jason” and “Miriam” from Xigua Videos and Toutiao News have embarked on a romantic musical journey in Harbin.

The group of foreign vloggers from different countries gathered for music, displayed piano skills in the Old Synagogue Concert Hall, interacted with the children’s choir at the Glazunov Music School, felt art and culture at the Sofia Church, and sang with local folk bands on the Songhua River. They have fully experienced the charm of Harbin’s “City of Music” through this music tour and recorded the story of Harbin from the perspective of a third party with a short video.

The opening performance of this Harbin Summer Concert adopts the form of “Symphony +”. Through the three chapters of “Melody in the Landscape”, “Beautiful String Music on the Stage” and “Deep Love for the Future”, the symphony is integrated with vocal music, ballet, domestic and foreign special instrumental music, electroacoustic bands and other performance forms, and rich art forms such as music, poetry, painting, songs are added to show the unique charm of Chinese music. Foreign Vloggers were often crying out “It is so amazing!” in awe.

The visit was co-sponsored by the Publicity Department of the Harbin Municipal Party Committee of the CPC and the Xufang International Media of CICG.

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