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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In an era of uncertainty and grief, the powerful message of “One Nation Under Love,” the new release of #1 Ukrainian artist TINA KAROL will touch hearts around the world.

Released on Ukrainian Independence Day (August 24), “One Nation Under Love,” performed by Tina Karol, is a moving anthem written by iconic songwriter Diane Warren.

The song is a powerful message of hope, unity, and unwavering love in the midst of war. This collaboration between the two artists is a testament to their shared commitment to artistry and higher purpose. Tina Karol and Diane Warren have united to contribute positively to peace through music. 

Diane Warren said the following:

“I hope ‘One Nation Under Love’ uplifts the spirits of the Ukrainian people and all others and fosters stronger bonds among countries standing together for justice. It is beautifully sung by Tina Karol.”

Warren’s poetic lyrics and Tina Karol‘s magnificent voice bring us a timeless message of hope. Against the backdrop of a war-torn nation, the lyrics of the song remind us all that love can transcend even the darkest of times:

“When will you and I / Cross the great divide / When can we be one nation under love / Love set us free / let us be one nation under love.”

The meaningful date chosen for the release of this song gives even more importance to its message, emphasizing the nation’s resilience and determination in the face of adversity in a world plagued by divisions and war, and with the Ukrainian people enduring months of pain and grief, “One Nation Under Love” highlights the power of love and inspires listeners worldwide to stand in solidarity with those affected by war.  

In Tina Karol‘s words:

“We collaborated on this song as a mission to strengthen the bridges between our countries. I am deeply grateful to you, Diane.”

The song is accompanied by an official video where we see Tina performing the song. Their performance takes place against the backdrop of iconic monuments: the Statue of Liberty in New York and the Mother Ukraine statue in Kyiv, serving as a symbol of unity. The statue on which they changed the symbolism from Soviet to the coat of arms of Ukraine. This is truly a historical moment.

This very special release also includes a powerful live performance against the monumental settings of New York’s Statue of Liberty and the majestic Mother Ukraine statue in Kyiv, with its symbolism transformed from Soviet to the coat of arms of Ukraine, standing as a strong representation of unity.

Diana performed with the Statue of Liberty behind her, and Tina sang in Kyiv with the Mother Ukraine Statue in the background. Together, they made a really strong and memorable performance.

The celebrated Ukrainian singer, actress, TV presenter, and philanthropist TINA KAROL has established herself as a prominent figure. Her exceptional voice and artistic prowess have made her renowned in Ukraine and elevated her to international stardom. 

TINA KAROL uses her music and voice to create positive change.  She has devoted herself to breaking geographical and sonic barriers by releasing songs in both English and Ukrainian, making her an ambassador of Ukrainian culture on the global stage. “One Nation Under Love” is an excellent example of the power that lies in music as a disarming expression of the human spirit.

Watch “One Nation Under Love.”

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TINA KAROL is the National Artist of Ukraine—singer, actress, TV presenter, and philanthropist. One of Tina’s songs has become a symbol of the unification of the Ukrainian people; it is studied in the primary school curriculum. In 2005, having won the contest of performers, Tina gained popularity in Eastern Europe and Ukraine. Tina called her victory the “Cinderella effect.” Since 2006, Tina has become the host of the world-famous show “Dancing with the Stars,” which she hosted for ten seasons and also, Tina Karol has been a coach of “The Voice,” “The Voice. Kids” projects for 11 seasons. 

Tina Karol, the youngest singer in the country, was awarded the title of People’s Artist of Ukraine in 2017 by presidential decree. She released nine studio albums, 3 EPs, and 6 LIVE albums, which received the status of gold, platinum, and multi-platinum in Ukraine. Tina is the winner of multiple prizes and awards.

She is the most titled artist in Ukraine, with over 35 music awards. Tina Karol is the only Ukrainian singer awarded two of the highest music legend awards “for her contribution to the development of the music industry.”

Three-time the best female performer Two-time the most famous woman in Ukraine, according to Google. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky awarded Tina Karol the Order of Princess Olga III degree. This is a state award in Ukraine to reward women for outstanding services to the state.

Tina Karol has also been the heroine of the covers of “Elle,” ” Harper’s Bazaar,” ” and “Vogue” magazines many times. Tina Karol is the only Ukrainian artist who graced the cover of the collector’s edition of the book “Ukrainian Women in Vogue,” which was dedicated to Ukrainian women.

Two musical biographical films, “The Power of Love and Voice” and “Intonation,” were filmed about the singer. The film “The Power of Love and Voice” won the AOF International Film Festival in the USA in 2014.  The film received an award in the nomination “Best Documentary Film.”

In 2023, Tina Karol’s song” Kolomyika” became the soundtrack to Sean Penn’s film “Superpower” about Ukraine. Tina has an active pro-Ukrainian position. Her foundation raises money for children with cancer who are fighting a double blow today – it’s a fight for life and a peaceful sky. 2022 was a challenge for Tina Karol as well as for the entire nation of Ukrainians preservation of identification, preservation of culture, and traditions of Ukraine, a tireless story about the suffering of people in her country became a mission for Tina. She called her front on which she defends her state Cultural Diplomacy Traveling around a dozen countries.

Tina gave many interviews and concerts, from which she sent money to children with cancer and the military in Ukraine. Ukrainians are proud of Tina because, despite her star status, she is fighting side by side with her brothers and sisters for the victory and identity of the nation.


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