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Vietnamese Rap Star Binz’s Hit Song Bigcityboi Featured on Hollywood Blockbuster Expend4bles

Bigcityboi will make a comeback in the worldwide blockbuster Expend4bles (also known as Expend4bles) on September 22, 2023, following three years of tremendous success in the music industry.

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is considered as the first Vietnamese Rap song to make an appearance in a big Hollywood action franchise. The song Bigcityboi with liberal, contemporary style and electronic music transforms the movie’s backdrop into something majestic and full of the energy of big-city boys. This hit will be used for the global release of the movie (particularly 37 countries including Vietnam), reported by the Expend4bles movie producer unit.

This sync deal between Binz and the crew of Expend4bles has a significant meaning to Vietnamese HipHop industry. Recognised as one of the most popular Rap/HipHop music products to generate a nationwide buzz in Vietnamese mainstream, Bigcityboi has continued to make a hit when becoming the pioneer featured on the global motion picture. This demonstrates how music can transcend all geographical boundaries and serve as a connection for music lovers around the world.

The Expendables crew is said to have collaborated with Binz’s management company, SpaceSpeakers Group, in order to obtain permission to use the song Bigcityboi in the movie’s upcoming sequel. “We feel very honored and grateful for this special collaboration with the film crew. Hopefully, the appearance of a Vietnamese rap song in the movie Expend4bles will put a small brick in the journey to build the foundation of Vietnamese music in the global market, contributing to expanding the international audience for rapper Binz in particular and Vietnamese artists in general. In addition, this cooperation is also one of the positive signals in building the musical direction that the SpaceSpeakers artists are pursuing“, Jason Dang – CEO of SpaceSpeakers Label shared.

As the writer of the song, Binz is proud that Bigcityboi was chosen to participate in one of the scenes of the movie. This collaboration not only serves as a priceless reward for himself and the SpaceSpeakers artists’ tireless efforts, but also contributes to opening up new opportunities for those pursuing the path of professional music production in Vietnam.

For Vietnamese artists to introduce their art scene to international audience requires careful and strategic investments in the quality of their products. This achievement is a testament to the artist duo Touliver and Binz’s persistent efforts in bringing their global contemporary, musical philosophy to the world.

The Expend4bles series, which featured an all-star cast of celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Bruce Willis, is regarded as a landmark in the history of Hollywood action films. With a return, this fourth installment continuously explores the journey of a squad of seasoned mercenaries on a particular mission. In addition, Expend4bles features additional cult figures including rapper 50 Cent and movie star Megan Fox.

Expend4bles featuring Bigcityboi song is ready to make a stir to all big screens on 22 September 2023 at the cinema.

About Bigcityboi:

Up to now, MV Bigcityboi has achieved nearly 100 million views and become one of the most popular songs in the Vietnamese music industry, breaking rapper Binz’s previous records. The song climbed to the Top Trending YouTube charts in Vietnam and other countries, Top 1 on Spotify and Top 1 on Apple Music when first released and maintained its position for 1 month later. Additionally, the unique wordplay, using Vietnamese landmarks to “flirt” and catchy melody have created viral content on TikTok and YouTube around Vietnam and many other countries in Asia.

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