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XJ music Releases Next-Level Video Game Music Workstation and Playback Engine

LOS ANGELES, March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — XJ music sets a new standard in video game music tools that sustains the human touch. Using XJ music, composers can realize soundscapes that push the boundaries of what video game music can achieve.

The belief that music is human is at the heart of XJ music’s philosophy. The platform works as a plugin to industry-standard video game audio frameworks such as FMOD or Wwise and engines such as Unreal or Unity. Existing tools solve the game’s overall audio mix, especially background environments and sound effects, leaving composers to hack together music solutions from unwieldy constructs. However, XJ music is a purpose-built music composition workstation and playback engine.

At the 2024 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, XJ music unveils a groundbreaking digital audio workstation tailored specifically for music composition in gaming. This innovative system seamlessly handles transitions, rhythm adjustments, and tempo changes within a single composition. The XJ music workstation has music-specific tools and comprehensive project organization to enable fluid shifts between game narrative arcs, locations, and scenarios like combat, exploration, and dialogue. 

Video game soundtracks are integral to the gaming experience. XJ music’s patented technology (US 10,446,126) allows composers to deliver music that adapts in real-time to gameplay, creating a unique auditory experience for every player and ensuring that the music responds to the player’s decisions and actions. As video games evolve as a storytelling medium, music’s role in shaping these narratives becomes increasingly crucial. XJ music is at the forefront of this evolution, expanding the boundary of what video game music can achieve.

“I believe that industry veterans are wary of solutions that promise turnkey musical generation,” says XJ music founder Charney Kaye. “Professionals who have devoted their careers to differentiating their work in terms of quality don’t want generic solutions. XJ music empowers composers to create more dynamic and immersive musical experiences using a set of tools designed specifically for musical composition.”

The XJ music workstation is now generally available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

About XJ music
XJ music enables composers to realize new possibilities in background music for video games, live streams, and environments. The company provides a digital audio workstation for music composition, a licensable runtime to implement XJ music in a video game, and creative services to support the game studio’s music development process. Learn more at


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