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Beyond the Eurovision Stage with TARAMAR Skincare USA – English Deutschland – Deutsch

Award-winning Icelandic beauty brand, TARAMAR, is proud to support Icelandic singer Diljá in her quest for success in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. 

We at TARAMAR are proud to be part of Diljá’s journey to the stars. Diljá is an amazing singer and her powerful presentation of Iceland’s entry to Eurovision, “POWER”, is strong and inspiring.

At TARAMAR, we believe that beauty should be natural and organic. Our products are both exceptionally pure and powerfully bioactive. They are made with only pure natural ingredients extracted from the Icelandic nature, free from any chemicals, artificial fragrances, and other harmful ingredients.

We are honored to support Diljá in her quest for success and wish her all the best in the competition!

REYKJAVIK, iceland, May 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TARAMAR, an award-winning beauty brand from Iceland is proud to be supporting Icelandic singer Diljá on her Eurovision 2023 journey. The company strongly believes in supporting young artists on their way to success. 

Diljá will perform the song “Power”, Iceland’s entry to Eurovision 2023 on Saturday, May 13th. The young star is a big fan of TARAMAR’s natural and organic skincare line and the amazing benefits that pure Icelandic skincare delivers. Rehearsals for the contest are tough and this can play havoc on the skin. The combination of Icelandic herbs and minerals in TARAMAR’s range help to brighten skin tone, protect against environmental damage, and improve elasticity. That’s not to mention the age-defying properties the range has to offer. 

A spokesperson at TARAMAR said, “At TARAMAR, we know how stressful it can be being in the spotlight and the public eye. From late nights and smokey environments to layers of makeup and tiring routines, the lifestyle of today’s stars can really take its toll on the skin. We designed our revolutionary skincare range to combat skin stress and calm and heal the skin. We’re proud to be the go-to brand for many Icelandic actors, singers, and contestants. We’re especially proud to be the skincare choice of Diljá and to support her on her path to Eurovision success”. 

Celebrate in Style with the Eurovision Gift Box!

To celebrate this epic event and collaboration, TARAMAR is proud to announce the launch of the TARAMAR Eurovision Gift Box. This limited edition package of organic skincare goodies makes for a special gift or the ultimate me-time treat. The box contains two of TARAMAR’s most popular products. The Arctic Flower Treatment Serum calms the skin, boosts collagen and leaves the skin radiant and refreshed. The Night Treatment infuses the skin with moisture and promotes a soft and beautiful complexion. 

A judge in the Free From Skincare Awards had this to say about TARAMAR’s Night Treatment, “A beautifully luxurious packaged product which looks striking and impressive. The serum is a rich but not oily lotion that sinks in quickly but gently softens my skin. This night treatment was a pleasure to use. It was almost silky to apply to my face and fitted in easily with my routine. Over the next few weeks of using this product my skin just got better and better. It has a luxurious feel to it. My thoughts on the product only got more and more positive. Has definitely improved the condition of my skin. It is smooth, soft, uniform and feels great. It has nourished it and left it looking plumper and re-hydrated. Expensive, but worth the investment.” 

For those looking for organic skin actives sourced from Iceland’s pristine natural landscape, TARAMAR offers a range of luxurious skincare treats that restore harmony and beauty to the visage. The brand is honoured that its range will be the go-to skincare brand for Diljá during Eurovision and beyond and welcomes new customers to experience the striking difference that is Icelandic beauty for themselves.

Gudrun Marteinsdottir (Runa), CEO, Founder, Professor
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TARAMAR is an Icelandic company that has created an award-winning collection of premium organic handcrafted skincare products. By combining science and nature, the company has developed a highly effective range of skincare products that are pure, safe, and highly skin benevolent. 

TARAMAR was founded by two professors at The University of Iceland. To achieve complete pureness of the products, they used their experience from the Food Science reserach and developed a breakthrough formulation procedure that replace all synthetic compromising chemicals in skincare with organic seaweeds, herbs, fruits and vegetables. This new patented technology, NoTox ®,  is based on five hurdles consisting of pure activated  lava filtered water, anti-microbial extracts from seaweeds, herbs and vegetables and a unique and patented technical step (no chemicals added) that safeguards the formula for 12-16 months at room temperature.  The products are packed in black glass bottles with pumps safeguard the bioactive ingredients from light and to prevent seeding of microbes from the exterior through contact with the inner medium.

Together with careful cultivation of plants and organic farming, the TARAMAR formulas may be among the purest skincare formula on the market.  Not only due to the avoidance of synthetics and conventional preservatives, but also due to the pure and green procedure of cultivation that eliminate all traces of roundup, fungi- and pesticides and packaging that includes minimum amount of leaking plastic solvents and phthalates, into the finished formula.  The purity together with the powerful anti-aging and bioactivity of the organic plants, have helped hundreds of people in Iceland and many have managed to eliminate difficult problems such as dry skin, rosacea, eczema, acne, and unbalanced skin. 

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